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Jeff-ElectricianThe program was pretty comprehensive. One thing thing I like about the program is that it gets into the roots of a problem rather than treating symptoms. At night, I couldn’t shut my mind off. I was a smoker for 30 years. As a result of the program I was able get the help I needed to quit. I would recommend the program first to anyone who feel they might have depression, and also to anyone who is close to someone who suffers with depression…— Jeff Fette, Electrician
Jeff-FetteThe program is very useful, especially for parents and teenagers. Your quality of life depends on your physical, mental and spiritual health. This program reveals how your habits of life affect this three areas ultimately helping you to deal with anxiety and depression. The program is an outstanding self-help program for those who are suffering from high level of stress, anxiety, and depression. It is probably the best thing I’ ve been around since I have been in the military. The military had a great alcohol and drug abuse program, but this one by far exceeds it. Besides drugs, alcohol and smoking this program can help addictions to soft drinks and chocolate.— Jack, Commercial Pilot
Barbara-Bayer-RWhen I got into the program, I realized that there were a lot of nutritional information that would benefit me, and it did! I had a hard time sleeping. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now even if I wake up in the middle of the night, i am able to go back to sleep. I especially recommend this program to anyone who has difficulty with sleep, stress or getting along with other people.— Barbara Bayer, Mechanic

I enjoyed learning more about nutrition and I enjoyed learning how depression affects so many other aspects of health.”

I enjoyed the information and plan to make it a part of my life.”

The banquet was special and the food was delightful.”

The reading material was awesome! My favorite lesson was the one on dealing with loss. It is something practical I can share with others.”

The simple ways that Dr. Nedley explains the science and all the information.”

The groups were wonderful! I felt like we became a little family, where we could share and not worry what we said. I also loved all the information I learned to help others struggling and to better myself in the process.”

I appreciate the spiritual emphasis and group time; it was local support.”

I want to continue meeting with other at least once month to continue discussions.”

Sunshine, such a simple aspect really helped my mood, it made me feel more confident and being able to deal with problems.”

The facilitators really knew their information and in turn were able to point us to key areas we could improve in our lives.”

“Following this program for just 8-weeks has been so very helpful spiritually, mentally, and physically.”